The Gourmet Dozen


You’ll get one of each of the following delicious Gourmet donuts:

Cherry Crisp

honey glazed ring, cinnamon streusel, cherry jubilee

Nutella Bomb

honey glazed ring, hazelnut nutella cream, praline confection crisps

Peanut Butter & Jam

natural peanut butter, grape jam


vanilla cake donut, vanilla buttercream, vanilla ganache covered

Pink Snowball

moist vanilla cake, pink frosting, sweet shredded coconut

Maple Bacon Bar

savory vermont maple, imported crisp bacon

Camp Fire S'mores

fresh house made marshmallow filled, belgian chocolate glazed, cram cracker dusting

Banana Cream

fresh banana cream filled, white whipped bavarian cream, swiss chocolate drizze

Philly Cheesecake

philly cheesecake filled, swiss chocolate glaze, vanilla icing swirl

Birthday Cake

oreo birthday cake cookie cream filled, white iced, oreo cookie crumble, pastel drizzle, light sprinkles

Dutch Apple Streusel

dutch apple, cinnamon streusel, caramel-cinnamon drizzle

Red Velvet

house made red velvet cake, philly cream cheese icing, red velvet crumble

Optional: Gift Box & Message Card

Make your donut delivery even more special with a gift box and personalized message! Our gift box holds a dozen donuts, is decked out with a beautiful satin bow and arrives with a customized message from you. If you choose to add a gift box and message, you will be charged $4.99 at checkout, per box. Not Sure What to Say on Your Message Card? Click here.

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