A Donut Evolution

AboutDonuts and cronuts are handcrafted, sophisticated and scrumptious! Sweet savory, they’re gourmet all the way; comforting and addicting at the same time.  We lovingly craft our donuts and cronuts from the finest ingredients, like Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, imported pistachios and French brie. Every recipe is unique and inspired by our love of five-star dining.

One bite and you’ll be hooked. We make it very difficult to pick a favorite.  That’s part of our plan – to offer the most amazing donuts and cronuts you’ve ever indulged in. Modern Donuts are not only fabulously delicious; they’re designed to look like exquisite works of culinary art.

To make your life easier, we deliver to your door or any place else you tell us within the Las Vegas Valley. Delivery is free for orders to a single delivery address over $50 dollars. Orders under $50 dollars are $4.99 per delivery address. Order online or by phone and your Modern Donuts will soon be on their way!

Our Extraordinary Mission

AboutThe Modern Donuts team is passionate about donuts and creating new, delectable flavor profiles with luxurious and sometimes unexpected ingredients, like Kahlua, frangipane and truffles.  We draw our inspiration from world travel dining experiences, carefully sourced seasonal ingredients and our muses – the top chefs on the planet.

We also believe that food should please the eye; that a perfectly placed pomegranate seed or an artful dusting of spice makes a significant difference in the Modern Donuts experience. Ultimately, it’s about the way we want you to feel when you’re eating our donuts – that you’re truly enjoying them with all your senses.

“Modern Donuts are not only fabulously delicious; they’re designed to look like exquisite works of culinary art.”

Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether ordering for yourself, the office, to celebrate a special day, or just because, Modern Donuts will make an unforgettable impression. Your donuts arrive fresh and fast, in beautiful packaging that will draw ooooohs and ahhhhhhs before anyone even tastes the perfection inside.

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